Meet Leo

Little Leo is shining brightly in an adorable lion outfit and with a boldly confident gaze. Roar! Keep reading to learn more about Leo…

Leo Boy
Leo Girl

The Lion

  • Birthday: 22nd July – 22nd August Approximate – dates can vary
  • Planet: Sun The Planet of Ego, Expression, Life, and Vitality
  • Element: Fire Energy, Warmth, Vision, Intuition
  • Mode: Fixed Stability, Stubbornness
  • Quality: Masculine Outwardly Expressive, An Extrovert
  • Starstone: Peridot
  • Colour: Yellow & Gold
  • Body Part: The Back & Heart

About My Sign

Dignified and noble, there is a distinctly regal air to Leos. Their reputation for conceit is legendary, however, many misunderstand Leo’s intentions of wanting to change the world to a better place — and this is why they want to feel important. Leos are very loyal and will hold onto situations and people for a long time before giving up. On the surface, Leo is confident — but in fact they can be intensely humble inside, and are the first to blame themselves if something goes wrong.

My Friends

Famous Leos

There have been loads of famous Leos throughout history (duh! really?) — check some of them out below:

  • Whitney Houston Singer
  • Annie Oakley Gunslinger
  • Hulk Hogan Wrestler
  • Robert DeNiro Actor
  • Robert Redford Actor
  • Roman Polanski Director
  • Count Basie Musician
  • Bill Clinton President
  • Napoleon Emperor
  • Andy Warhol Artist
  • Alexandre Dumas Writer
  • Amelia Earhart Pilot
  • Geri Halliwell Singer
  • Mick Jagger Musician
  • George B Shaw Writer
  • Jackie Kennedy First Lady
  • Clara Bow Actress
  • Mussolini Dictator
  • Emily Bronte Writer
  • Wesley Snipes Actor
  • Yves Saint Laurent Designer

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